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Sunflowers – Fine Art Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print
Manitoulin Island, 2012
Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (Square)

Fine Art Prints are a more affordable way for you to enjoy my art. They are Giclée prints (pronounced zhee-clay), a printing process that uses pigment-based inks used for fine art printing. The paper they are printed on is metallic acid-free paper, which is considered archival quality. The artwork will be mailed to you in a shipping tube, where you can take it to a framer to have it framed. I recommend anti-reflective glass for you to get the most enjoyment out of your art.
Early mornings to capture the scenery
In 2013 I had a strong intuition to move to Manitoulin Island after living in Toronto for four years. To my credit, my intuition was correct, as events were to happen that I didn’t yet know about. And so I moved to a little cottage surrounded by trees, and with no neighbours for miles on either side. My mother lived 20 km away, in a century old stone house. The trees in the south field were visible from the kitchen window, graceful sentinels in all kinds of weather.
Although I am not naturally an early riser, I have found that the best images are captured in the very early morning before the sun rises. This image was captured on an early summer morning. The shape of the landscape holds the morning mist beautifully. I was captivated by the scene I saw, and spent time in the field until the sun rose, and the landscape became a stark contrast of yellow sunflowers and blue sky once again.
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