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Camino Inca


Colour Palette
Rich earthy tones and vibrant greens. This is a collection of images from spring, summer, and autumn. The colours reflect the natural cycles of the four seasons from muted colours to the brighter hues of spring and summer.
Fields and forests of lake country in rural Ontario.


Sleepy Farmlands and Country Roads

In 2013 I had been living in Toronto for four years while I completed my education in photography and yoga. I had a strong intuition that was impossible to ignore, a feeling that I should move to Manitoulin Island. Thankfully I listened, as my intuition was correct–events were to unfold that I didn’t yet know about, and moving to Manitoulin was the best decision I could have made. And so I moved to a little cottage surrounded by trees, and with no neighbours for miles on either side. It was sublime; the space and privacy were like being able to stretch out after being crammed in a seat on a long-haul flight, in my case, my tiny Toronto apartment.

These images were created from my many drives throughout Manitoulin Island during the time I lived there. The content features special places that I came to know; the fields and forests of a place that still seems to exist in the past, alongside the horse-drawn carriages that are driven by the Ammish who reside on the Island. The flora and fauna are unique to Manitoulin; everything seems so much cleaner and full of life than anywhere else I know. My favourite time of day to take photos is early morning, and I would leave the house while it was still dark in order to capture the perfect moments of light. On many of my early morning drives I would stop the car at the side of the road to capture the fleeting beauty. Other images are of places that I knew intimately, such as the fields with trees standing watch like guardians.


Island in the clouds

Early morning drive to dawn

Favourite cloud of time

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