Guinevere Joy is a Canadian artist working in the medium of fine art photography with a penchant for travel, art, and nature. Her work possesses an elegant simplicity; the resplendent and often subtle blending of water and light as well as the relationship of earth and water are common themes. She is also a writer.

In Guinevere’s own words:

My current body of work, entitled Light and Water, focuses on Manitoulin Island. After graduating from art school I moved to Manitoulin in order to be closer to the place that inspires me. It is there that I could create my art and document nature’s exquisite beauty. I am drawn to capturing the essence of water in all of its states as it appears as clouds, morning mist, dew drenched fields, frozen shapes in ice, and of course the obvious—the sweet, fresh water that surrounds and covers Manitoulin Island. I would like to explore aerial photography in this context.

I have also started creating a secondary body of work of historical structures around the Island. These century-old structures, barns, and other buildings, speak of a time past, when agriculture and homesteads were the mainstay of rural Canada, and call to mind a different state of mind, a slower time, and a gentler pace.

I am a graduate of the Creative Photography Program at Humber College. I have, however, been developing my photography style for over a decade. In art school the technical skills I honed have helped take my work to a higher, professional level. As I evolve as a creative artist, it is of paramount importance to me to follow my heart. I have followed my inner promptings and guidance, which has charted my journey through art school where I could take my art to a higher level, to relocating from Toronto to Manitoulin Island where I could create my art.