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Welcome to Art by Guinevere Joy. The art featured on this website emphasizes quality crafted, carefully curated images of exclusive limited edition, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality. Each piece is printed on archival quality, acid-free paper, ensuring that the art will last for many years. The acrylic face-mounted pieces offer additional UV protection.

The majority of the art is limited edition, with the exception of a few open-edition images. This means you will own an exclusive piece of art with an increased value. By its very nature, each encaustic piece is one-of-a-kind, due to the unique application of the encaustic medium. For this reason, the original encaustic art is not considered Limited Edition, but rather as unique as a painting.

No two artists are alike; each has a unique vision. Guinevere Joy’s art is the result of years of developing her signature style which is based on finding harmony and balance in compositions while incorporating the natural wonders of nature. The end result is that of balanced images that evoke a sense of peace and harmony. The purpose of the art is to evoke positive emotion within the viewer. The art often uses natural elements based on clouds, reflections on water, with rocks and mountains to ground and create focus within the compositions. Guinevere’s images are pre-visualized even before she releases the shutter of her camera. Careful planning with regard to composition paired with the spontaneity of nature is at play in her work.

What is Encaustic?

Encaustic art is the application of encaustic medium to a surface. Encaustic medium is made of a specific ratio of natural white beeswax and damar resin. Damar resin comes from a tree, making the encaustic medium 100% natural. The encaustic medium lends itself well to softer images that do not have a lot of contrast. It is very different from photographs which are presented as prints or with acrylic face mounting, which is perfect for highlighting definition and detail. Encaustic does the opposite, which is that it blurs and mutes fine detail. As such, images that are inappropriate for production as ordinary prints have found new life as encaustic originals.

Canadian Art is Tax-Deductible

Did you know that your purchase of art is tax deductible under certain conditions in the Canadian Tax Act? Yes, CRA allows your purchase of art to be claimed if it meets the following criteria:

  • If you are operating a business and the piece of art has been purchased with the intent of holding onto it long-term to benefit your place of business (e.g. exhibited in a place of business where it will be seen by clients and/or employees).
  • Any piece of art, where evidence of the artist’s hand is apparent.
    All works of art will be provided with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Valued at $200 or more (verifiable by invoice or receipt)
    All purchases will receive a receipt.
  • Produced by a Canadian artist.
    Guinevere Joy was born in Canada and resides in British Columbia.

Works of art purchased from Guinevere Joy qualify as a Class 8 depreciable capital property for which Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) can be claimed. Please speak to your accountant to ask them how they can claim your purchase of art to minimize your income taxes.

Guinevere Joy has developed her signature style over two decades. The subtle blending of water and light holds an inexhaustible fascination for her. In creating landscape images, most of the magic occurs in the moments when the shutter of the camera is open, the interaction of light playing upon water as dawn approaches. The movements of the waves, the clouds, the depth and reflection of the water are variables on any given day. Some days hold exquisite beauty, others are mediocre. One must show up, do everything right, and hope for the best. It seems that creating art is a metaphor for life.

“Light and Water represents my love for the natural world and of life. I will never tire of capturing the light on the waters of my home, as well as far-away lands. I can return again and again to the same place and photograph it with patience and love.

Throughout my career, I have presented my work in different forms, from traditional framing to acrylic facemount. Now, I am exploring a new technique of presenting my images, encaustic photography, giving a new form of expression of my art.

I am a graduate of the Creative Photography Program at Humber College. In art school, the technical skills I honed helped take my work to a higher, professional level. As I evolve as a creative artist, it is of paramount importance to me to follow my heart. I have followed my inner promptings and guidance, which has charted my journey through which I could take my art to a higher level​.”

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