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Light & Water




Encaustic Originals

Camino Inca


Colour Palette
Vibrant gem-tones, equally warm and cool, as well as a few neutral, grey-toned images.
These images were created on the shores of Manitoulin Island. The content features the serene landscape of the great lakes and the unique rocks that are part of the shoreline of the Island.

Light & Water

Adventures on Manitoulin Island

These images are from the blue lakes and rocky shores of my home province: Ontario. Home is where the heart is, and I feel my heart will always live on Manitoulin Island. I grew up spending summers there, and in 2013, I moved to Manitoulin from Toronto, where I stayed until 2017. There is no other place as wild and beautiful to me; it resonates.

Manitoulin Island is essentially a fossil. The rocky shorelines are the ancient bottom of what was once a great lake. Today, they make the perfect subject for my photography. Its freshwater lakes are so clean and pure. There is a feeling of safety, of comfort, in this wild and forgotten place.

Manitoulin also has what I consider a mirror-like effect. It is as though the Island was placed in a big reflective bowl, where the moonlight is reflected inwards from all sides. The quality of light then becomes beautiful and soft. Even on the darkest nights, there is a natural glow in the sky, not from artificial light but from the moonlight reflected on Lake Huron that bounces back inland. As an artist, I try to capture this soft, inimitable quality of light as it interacts with the deep and cold water of Lake Huron.

Like many artists, I never tire of capturing the same subject over and over again. Each day is different and new when working with sky and water. In my work capturing the light and water, I have learned that my process is a metaphor for life. One must show up, do the work with care, and then hope and pray for the best. The light, wind, and clouds are all variables that are often unpredictable. Some days are spectacular, others are mediocre, but this is all a part of this great story that we call life.

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