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The definition of figurative is art that depicts both man-made structures as well as people. The images in this collection feature city-scapes as well as portraits.


When I first began photography, I started with a Sony point-and-shoot film camera given to me for Christmas when I was 11. Even then, I had an intense interest in it. I placed a great importance in photography, as though I always knew it was going to be important in my life. 

Then, when I was 19, I spent a year in the Tanzanian highlands. My mother lent me her SLR analogue camera, and I photographed the world around me. I didn’t have any training in exposure, yet some of the images turned out beautifully. Most of the images were of the people I knew, as well as the buildings, so different from the architecture of Peterborough. It was the first time I had ever left Canada, and I was enamoured by the new way of life, the warm culture of Tanzanians, and the different flowers and structures that were part of my daily life as I walked about in Iringa. People would smile and talk to me when I passed them on the packed red dirt roads. I would visit my friend Singai at his stall at the Massai Market, and we would speak in a mixture of words and hand gestures and drink tea. When I came to say goodbye after a year, he bestowed upon me many beautiful and valuable things from his stall. Throughout my travels, I have always been so moved by the great generosity of some of the poorest people on this planet. People who have less are often the most kindest, warmest and generous people.

For the first half of my photographic journey, portraits were my focus, as well as architecture. It was only when I started learning photography in my formal education that I began to understand how design principles such as the divine ratio and rule of thirds could be applied to landscapes, making it so much more interesting for me. 

This collection includes portraits, as well as architecture, which fall under the umbrella of figurative art. I have always enjoyed capturing the true essence of my subject in portraiture, as well as the beauty of the human-made structures that serve more than just utility, but add beauty to our lives to inspire us. Sharing the human condition with sensitivity can create an emotional connection to both the art and the world we live in.

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Limited Edition Art

Each piece in our collection is produced in a limited series, ensuring that your possession is as unique and rare as the art itself.


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Our fine art is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, using only the highest quality materials for a superior finish.



Certificate of Authenticity

Every art piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, verifying its exclusivity and value as a collectible.
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