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Camino Inca

Light & Water



Encaustic Originals



Colour Palette
Soft, muted colours, and black and white.
Breathtaking views of mountains and Inca ruins. The Andes mountains have a unique quality of light that is soft yet illuminating.

Camino Inca (Inca Trail)

A Place Where Time Stands Still

In 2014 I spent time in Peru where I completed the Inca Trail, a 43 km hike through the Andes mountains. It was one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever done; 43 kilometres does not sound like much, but the steep inclines and descents can take hours to complete. The Inca Trail weaves its way on an ancient route through the Andes. The trail is only a meter wide (sometimes less) and one can feel a sense of ancient history. On certain sites along the trail, there are ancient stone structures where people once lived. My mind travelled back in time, imagining people using the tiny rooms, living their daily lives, and breathing the crisp mountain air.

I went with a tour company, a group of Sherpas who would wake me up at dawn with a cup of mata de coca brought to my tent. These hard-working men carried my tent and prepared my meals. The epitome of luxury was when they served me a fruit salad with peeled grapes. Normally my hiking experiences have been solo, so this was quite different for me, but regulations require that hikers must be accompanied by a tour company. On the last day of the arduous hike through high elevation, we arrived at Machu Pichu. I was struck by the gorgeous clouds wrapped around the mountain peaks. The Andes have a very special quality of light that is both soft, yet illuminating. I hope to return there one day to play once again with this beautiful quality of light.

Other images in this collection are from my journey in Peru that preceded the Inca Trail at Playa Pimentel in northern Peru. I spent a day at this beach with my friend who lives there, enjoying the sea air and marvelling at the boats made from natural fibres. I am thankful for this sojourn to someplace new, and to my friend Cecilia who brought me to this beach.

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