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Alabaster Dreamscape – Fine Art Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print
Manitoulin Island, 2013
Aspect Ratio: 2:1 (Panoramic)

Fine Art Prints are a more affordable way for you to enjoy my art. They are Giclée prints (pronounced zhee-clay), a printing process that uses pigment-based inks used for fine art printing. The paper they are printed on is metallic acid-free paper, which is considered archival quality. The artwork will be mailed to you in a shipping tube, where you can take it to a framer to have it framed. I recommend anti-reflective glass for you to get the most enjoyment out of your art.
Braving the darkness
The first time I found this location, I was with my mother. I did not plan to stay until after dark, but when I saw the rock formations on the shoreline, I wanted to take a photo. Most of the images captured in this collection are taken at dawn or dusk, due to the quality of light at those times, as well as combining that with a long exposure. We left the right after I finished my final capture, and although there was still light on the beach, once we entered the forest, it was completely dark. So dark, that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.
The hike back to the vehicle was 40 minutes through dark forest. As we walked, we began to panic in a way that is both contagious and that is felt in one’s stomach. We didn’t know the park well enough to know the way, and neither of us were calm enough to reassure the other. Without flashlights we hurried through the dark forest, fighting back fear and holding on to one another. I had my large on-camera flash in my camera bag, and I held it in my hand, flashing the bulb when we needed to see the ground, or when fearfulness became too much. Once we made it to the parking lot my unease dissipated. We still laugh about the night that we ran through the forest in a panic, using my flash as a torch. I have returned to this location many times since to capture the truly breathtaking landscape, but always with a flashlight.
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