Allow yourself to be carried away to a world of sparkling light, of the minute movements of a dragonfly kissing a dewdrop, a world where ladybugs and butterflies frolic through whimsical images that highlight the magical side of life. Looking at macro photography by Liv Hanna, the world slows down, and you become aware of the sounds surrounding you, the vibrant colours, the slowly moving caterpillar.

Hailing from Lyon, France, Hanna first began photography a mere two years ago. Since then, she has worked to hone her skills, additionally upgrading her camera to a Canon 75D to create her miniature masterpieces. From the tiny reflection of a flower in a drop of dew to the delicate movements of a ladybug encircling its perfectly sized pool, Hanna’s images have the ability to give a larger look into the world of the miniature.

Liv Hanna

The secret behind her delightful captures is patience. She spends long hours in nature waiting for those perfect, fleeting moments when a butterfly settles on a leaf, or the instant a ladybug spreads its minute wings in flight.

“I love to be in contact with nature to create macro images. It’s more complicated than landscape photography because it takes a lot of patience and waiting,” she tells INSPADES.

For Hanna, her captivating works are the embodiment of steadfast perseverance, and she feels especially proud when seeing the final results, considering the time invested in waiting for nature to unfold its most enchanting moments. While Hanna prefers shooting with her macro lens, she has also been known to create stunning long exposure landscapes that incorporate the sea and stars.

Liv Hanna

There is a perfect synergy of colour in her photography. What makes it even more special is that Hanna’s images incorporate the natural colours and palettes provided by nature. In an age where it has become very easy to replicate these tones with all manner of technology, Hanna prefers to acquire these attributes in-camera, by shooting during the golden hours for warmer tones, capturing the blue tinted tones just before dawn, and right after dusk.

“For me, light is the crucial element in photography,” she explains, “I prefer to shoot with natural light, especially at the start and the end of the day. I love the long exposure effects, especially during blue hours.”

Though she relies on nature’s light to form the foundational tone of her photography, Hanna looks to Lightroom to make adjustments in contrast, sharpening and varying the saturation of colours.

Liv Hanna

As an evident lover of the natural world and its life forms, Hanna yearns to travel to Africa and experience the unique beauty of the savanna, not just to take phenomenal images of the animals roaming free of captivity, but also to experience the special beauty of the tropical grasslands. Hanna also has dreams of travelling to Scandinavia to see the fjords and crystalline beauty of winter. Although this wintery landscape is quite contrasting to the rich colours of the sultry savanna, the connecting thread is her unbiased love of nature.
Despite her technically sound approach, Hanna is a self-taught photographer, who began by watching nature documentaries. She aspired to memorize each of the carefully captured moments, all in preparation for creating her own chronicles of the vast and untold beauty that surrounded her.

In addition to photography, Hanna has recently taken on the role of an ambassador for Lyon. A true lover of the city, Hanna is passionate about sharing the splendor of her historical hometown. While being an honour, this role also affords Hanna the opportunity to share her images with a wider audience through the City of Lyon website and its publications. Hanna divulges, “I would love to make people know of the city of Lyon through my photography, the full beauty of it, down to the most minute detail.”

Published in INSPADES Magazine, Issue Cinque, June 2017
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For more whimsical works by Hanna, follow her Instagram: @liv_hanna_d

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