Sergio García possesses a profound, fundamental understanding of the fluidity of life and art. Hailing from Málaga on the southern coast of Spain, the ever-present seascape of the Costa del Sol has suffused García’s soul with the ebullient washing of the waves.

“I’ve spent my whole life with the ocean at my doorstep. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated by everything that has to do with water,” García confesses to INSPADES, “Also, humans are largely made up of water—water is life.”

Like a wave upon a shore, easily made weary by the stagnant and familiar, García constantly seeks change, adventure and challenge.

“I’m always looking for new places to visit or new techniques to learn. That’s what keeps me motivated to live.”

Through animation, García has found a way to express motion in a way that photography alone has been unable to do. “A static image is interesting, but a moving image is dynamic,” he insists.

Working with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Plotagraph Pro, García’s animations are truly mesmerizing. Often incorporating water and smoke into his images for their constant, natural movement, the results are hypnotic.

Some of García’s most cherished accomplishments include working with renowned tattoo artists Chaim Machlev (@DotsToLines), Abián LaMotta (@abian_lamotta) and Corey Divine (@CoreyDivine). With digital wizardry, García brings the tattoos to life, transforming intricate ink into moving masterpieces.

As movement is paramount to García’s happiness, creative dance has also proved to be fulfilling for the artist, allowing him to express movement in a physical way, and not just visually on a digital screen. For the past eight years, García has practiced urban-style dancing with a focus on hip-hop and popping and currently dances with a company dedicated to performance and competitions.

“If there is a connection between my digital art and dance, it is because I dance with a fluid style; I often try to be like water when I dance so that I can adapt to any music or environment.”

As if mastering professional dance and digital artistry wasn’t enough, García is also an accomplished painter. True to his love for water, his favourite medium to work with is watercolours, infusing each piece with the fluidity of his signature style. Raising the ante for each painting, García subtly animates particular elements of the piece, breathing life into the fixed image.

Looking ahead to the future, García hopes to widen his audience. With his flowing creativity and talent, García’s career is sure to unfold as beautifully as the animations he creates.

Published in INSPADES Magazine, Issue Otto, December 2017
Read INSPADES Magazine here:
See more of García’s mesmerizing animations on Instagram: @brknsergio

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