The vintage Hollywood-inspired portraits by photographer Daniel Moncur-Sime evoke an instant impression of style, glamour and finesse.

“I have an ever-increasing body of work inspired by techniques from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, that seems to enhance the natural femininity and beauty of women,” says Moncur-Sime, “I know that my models particularly love this Hollywood-inspired style because it gives them a supportive boost to their natural femininity, a chance to be more glamorous than they could be in our everyday modern world.”

Daniel Moncur-Sime

Artists, who are highly skilled in their form, have the ability to make their work appear effortless, as is seen in Moncur-Sime’s languid, sensual portraits. With a background in fine arts, Moncur-Sime recounts:

“Years of looking at paintings by the great masters have embedded a sense of what feels right when using light, particularly single light sources. I’m very particular with angles, using single light sources and often directing models’ movements precisely, posing them to get the most impact. I’m always observing how shadows fall across the model’s face, and continually strive to emulate how the great masters used light in their portraiture. Rembrandt, da Vinci, Michelangelo and van Meer are great examples of masters for studying classic portraiture.”

Daniel Moncur-Sime

While he was unequivocally impressed upon by these great artistic authorities, it was actually Moncur-Sime’s first impressions of the world of imagery that led him to become a successful fashion and editorial photographer, and it all began in his childhood with the novice captures of his beloved grandfather.

“Although he was an amateur nature photographer, his work always amazed me and gave me insight into the power of photography,” reveals Moncur-Sime, “My grandfather was my first inspiration for photography.”

Daniel Moncur-Sime

Now, Moncur-Sime works with some of the most respected names in the fashion world, such as Lindka Cierach and Jenny Packham.
The London-based photographer often shoots from his own studio, a large ballroom in his country residence, which serves as an idyllic setting for outdoor portraits as well. While Moncur-Sime has done quite well for himself, success can also bring with it the physical consequences of working too hard. After a few years of living life in the fast lane in London, Moncur-Sime had to take a sabbatical from photography in order to recover from both liver and kidney failure.

Daniel Moncur-Sime

“After nine months of recovery, I returned to photography—away from the fashion industry, doing mainly commercial work for four years. The positive side was that it allowed me to develop other technical photography skills,” discloses Moncur-Sime.

Looking toward the future, Moncur-Sime is hoping to inspire and help other photographers develop their skills in photography with workshops and, eventually, a dedicated academy for photography. He also has plans to develop online teaching aids, such as a series of webinar courses and videos for other creatives to have an over-the-shoulder view of his photography processes.

Daniel Moncur-Sime

Passionate about people and the arts, Moncur-Sime also envisions himself traveling to the Orient, Eastern Europe and Russia, and photographing the people he encounters.

“Somewhere along the way, I would like to realize my dream to see more of the world,” shares Moncur-Sime, “To meet more incredibly creative people and photograph the wondrous characters and beauty in people.”

Published in INSPADES Magazine, Issue Sei, August 2017
Read INSPADES Magazine here:
To see more about this artist, see his Facebook Page and Instagram at: @danielmoncoeur

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