It’s about time that I had a new website design, and I’m really pleased with the ease of this new design. Having an easier design means that I will update it more frequently! I have spent the past weeks looking through my image archives; I love the thrill, the quick delight, of finding a beautiful image that I had forgotten about. I seem to have many images from the past years that didn’t make it to my last website. Images from Manitoulin. Images that I remember being so excited about capturing because the light, the colours, were so beautiful. Please take your time to look through the galleries. Above is one such image that I ‘found’ after much time had passed. I love how photographs put me right back in a moment. Calling me back to the moment of cool cedars, sunbaked limestone, and the feeling of being alone, yet not alone, because the trees could hear me, and the forest listened.

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