This is a piece I wrote for INSPADES Magazine about a musician with a genuine desire to help people and the world.

Changing the World One Hip-Hop Song at a Time

Music has the power to heal, inspire and uplift, as well as the potential to change one’s mood in a matter of moments. Toronto-based hip-hop artist, Eseme “Es” Elango, harnesses this power to share his message of hope and change, with incredibly moving hip-hop tracks.
Upon listening, it’s almost impossible to not be swept into the current of his heartfelt positivity. “I believe my music is proof that hip-hop can be entertaining, uplifting and intelligent all at the same time,” Es reflects.

Es first encountered hip-hop music in the 1980’s while living in Trinidad and Tobago:

“I discovered hip-hop music for the first time by accident,” he shares, “One day, while watching television, a music video aired in the form of a commercial, with three guys wearing bucket hats and white sneakers, speaking over an energetic drum beat. I was captivated by it and wanted to see it again. I had no idea what I had just seen but I was in love. Years later, I learned that it had been a group called Run–D.M.C., and that the musical style was hip-hop.”

Driven by the beat, Es began to write his own hip-hop rhymes in 1991. When Es began writing, he did so not with the intention of creating music to be shared publicly, but simply for his love of writing.

“I may not be making millions from my records, but it’s a chance to make the listener feel better about themselves after listening, and that’s what matters to me the most,” he discloses to INSPADES.

Eseme Elango - INSPADES

After a meandering journey through the following decades that included collaborations with other artists, he co-created the group Homegrown in 2009. These days, however, Es works solo, with his first album Aspire To Inspire released in 2014. Along the way, Es’ career has been punctuated with various forms of recognition, including receiving the Best Urban Artist award at the 2015 Toronto Independent Music Awards, and a nomination for Best East Coast Rap Album at the 2016 Canadian Urban Television Hip Hop Awards.

“Too many people are afraid to be themselves for fear of failure,” he claims, “They never allow themselves to express who they truly are, in an attempt to stay safely within the boundaries of current trends.”

Bravely creating music that is as unique as he is, Es feels that “positivity in music is underrepresented,” and he therefore embraces it.
Es’ goal is to encourage people to let their light shine and embrace the unique qualities that only they possess. His agenda is to facilitate change in the world through helping people realize their true potential and their capacity for transformation.

“The hip-hop that I grew up with, and was inspired by, did these things. The roots and foundation of the culture and the music I fell in love with were intended to be a means to uplift, educate and empower oppressed people,” he concludes.

Published in INSPADES Magazine, Issue Sei, August 2017
Read INSPADES Magazine here:
To see more about this artist, see his Facebook Page and Instagram at: @HGmonsterEs

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