To every artist, there is always a story behind both the artist and the art. For photographer and designer, Fabiana Casco, her story is marked by both beautiful twists and frightening turns on the road to creating her stunning, evocative images and designs.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1971, Casco grew up in rural Argentina. Living in the country, she developed a love of the surrounding flora and fauna, spending her days under the sun and in the graceful presence of nature. Casco would ride on horseback to travel to primary school amidst an idyllic setting of rural Argentina. The lasting connection of these experiences instilled an appreciation of nature in Casco that would serve as a foundation for her artistic talent and helped to forge her free, independent and adventurous spirit.

Later on in life, she moved to the capital city, to study Fashion Design at the University of Buenos Aires. During this time, she also had the opportunity to learn from fashion designer Roberto Piazza, whom she greatly admired, an experience that enriched her both personally and professionally.

Fabiana Casco

Rarely in life is one’s journey linear; often we take countless turns, unbeknownst to us our final destination. Casco first found creative expression in fashion design, opening her own boutique from which to sell her unique fashion; a boutique that is still open to this day. From a young age, Casco loved getting lost in fashion magazines, storybooks, art, and painting. Her boutique gave her the means to fully express her creativity through fashion design and even stained glass art.

In 2012, she began to study photography and hone her skills in lighting, fashion photography, digital enhancement and all the elements that create her gorgeous images that you see today. Casco also continually pushes herself to learn, to improve, both by taking workshops and self-evaluating her images to see what could be improved next time.

Fabiana Casco

The use of high-key and low-key lighting techniques aid Casco in expressing the themes of light and darkness in her storytelling. Not one to shy away from themes that push the boundaries and delve into the darker places, her images explore and evoke emotion and imagination.
Casco’s creative process involves a myriad of elements. Occasionally, she will have a story she wishes to recreate, other times, the inspiration begins with sensual elements, such as colour, fragrance or texture. Casco puts a great amount of work into planning her images before she even picks up the camera. She makes decisions based on colour palates, models and locations, as well as utilizing her ability to actualize her ideas in sketches to aid in the pre-visualization of images. Near the end of this process, she will adapt costume design and also the addition of other images to incorporate into the final image composite.

To obtain images with which to combine in her stunning works of art, she often travels to Patagonia, in the south of Argentina. These trips are made not solo, but with her supportive partner and their beloved six-year-old son. In Patagonia, Casco has found her place in the world – a place that feels like home.

Fabiana Casco

Always armed with her camera and tripod, Casco often arrives in Patagonia with an image concept in mind and then waits to capture the perfect combination of light, scene and texture to incorporate into a composite. One such series is her tribute to the beauty of trees in Patagonia, combined with images of models taken in the studio.

Although many of her images are composites, her favourite images are actually the ones that are captured in camera, with very little retouching, such as her featured image, Queen of White Paper. Indeed, there is a certain satisfaction in creating an image straight from the camera that requires minimal editing.

Fabiana Casco

After experiencing a health crisis, Casco’s priorities came into full focus, one being to direct more energy towards her creativity. With her health being on the line, Casco slipped into a darker place and photography became a lifeline, one of the few things that could pull her out of the darkness. The act of creating gave her new purpose, life and energy, a way of connecting to the light and was an impetus for spiritual awakening, which is beautifully expressed in her high-key angelic images depicting light and spirituality.

Casco’s images have an undeniable aspect of femininity, as this is the essence of who she is, both behind the camera and in life. She seeks to convey beauty itself and to connect with the inner light and darkness of her subjects that is rarely expressed openly in life. Whether conceptual or fashion, she continually seeks to bare the soul and essence of emotion through visual storytelling.

Published in INSPADES Magazine, Issue Quattro, April 2017
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