Meet Noel Puebla, a photographer with colourfully styled fashion portraits and a flair for vintage. With a wide gamut of themes, Puebla’s strength lies in her ability to create moods using different lighting techniques and colour palettes when styling her fashion portraits. What is most impressive about her work, however, is that Puebla’s sets are entirely made by hand from salvaged materials.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Puebla has been honing her craft for many years. Although primarily a fashion photographer, Puebla dedicates a significant amount of creative energy to her personal portfolio in developing conceptual images and experimenting with different lighting techniques.

Puebla began her creative journey writing poetry to accompany her images. Indeed, Puebla’s images easily lend themselves to storytelling, yet they each carry the common thread of evocative sensuality.

There is something to be said about the connection from heart to hand when physically writing out one’s creative ideas. For Puebla, conceptualizing her ideas on paper beforehand is an integral part of her creative process.

“I need to illustrate my ideas in a tangible way. The trigger can be a movie, a phrase or the quality of light in a single moment,” she explains, “I turn to my notebooks where I keep a record of my ideas, and from there I build a mood-board that I share with my creative team.”

After brainstorming with a crew of make-up artists, stylists, assistants and more, Puebla will continually “polish the idea” until it takes full form.

“For each production that I make, I look for and collect abandoned furniture or props, as well as textiles, according to the theme and colour palette of the photo shoot,” Puebla adds.

As an artist who works best hands-on with tactile tools and materials, Puebla still uses a Mamiya analog camera that she inherited from her grandfather, as well as a Rolleicord, to complement her digital repertoire of tools.

Being highly skilled in one’s craft does not necessarily equate to being a skilled teacher, but some artists possess the natural ability to share knowledge and facilitate learning. Puebla is passionate about teaching and offers personalized classes in her studio and in educational institutions.

“What fascinates me most about teaching is the opportunity to transmit the creative process of image-making so that each student can build and tell their own story through their creations,” Puebla confides, “I try to make my classes interdisciplinary, including notions of art, scenery, cinema, history, and makeup and styling, among other things.”

A self-described restless soul, Puebla is constantly thinking about the next photo shoot, often working on multiple projects at a time.

“I am driven by the engine of the constant need to create and share my stories through images,” she attests.

Creativity keeps her centered and living in the present, so Puebla usually gives little thought to what the future holds. Instead, her journey in photography flows forward unencumbered, as she treats each project with special affection and attention.

“I really fall in love with every project from beginning to end,” she elaborates, “When it is finished, I fall in love with a new idea, and so goes the cycle.”

While Puebla’s entire production process can sometimes take weeks, depending on the project, her creative flow involves a balance of focused attention and giving projects time to rest and breathe—coming back after a pause with a fresh perspective. As her creative cycle continues, Puebla is bound to dazzle the senses with new and colourful projects to come.

Published in INSPADES Magazine, Issue Nove, February 2018
Read INSPADES Magazine here:
See more of Puebla’s vibrant fashion images on Instagram: @noelpueblaphotography

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