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A Legend of the Forgotten

When it comes to bando photography, Andre Govia is a legend among urban explorers. Having explored over 900 deserted locations in more than 22 countries, Govia’s eight-year project shooting abandoned buildings is showcased in his premier publication: Abandoned Planet. Contained within Abandoned Planet are selections condensed from Govia’s prolific journeys, including both classic locations and […]

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A Tale of Light & Water

The following interview by Jaclyn Truss of INSPADES Magazine was published in August 2017. Here, I tell my story of how I began to create art, what my creative process is like, what inspires me, and how I express my way of seeing and being through photography. Many thanks to INSPADES Magazine for this wonderful opportunity! xxx […]

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As Dear As Salt

It seems that I have become a bit of a salt aficionado, and when I travel, I return with samples of salt from different regions; a souvenir to savour. (If you know me well, you’ll know that I salt almost everything. My nutritionist friend Meredith would call me a “salter.”) I bought Flor de Sal […]

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