Day: 7 October 2017


Toronto based singer-songwriter Nneka Atto, known in the music world as Uyoka, recently released her album Jupitersong. As the title suggests, the album is as great and mysterious as the planet that it is named after. According to Uyoka, the planet Jupiter signifies knowledge, higher learning, exploration and expansion. In astrology, each of the zodiac […]

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Natural Beauty

Self-proclaimed “art-addict” photographer, Ksenia Dolgorukova, immerses her fashion models in woodland whimsies and playful floral frolicking, revealing her deep connection with the natural world. With early memories of visiting her dacha (country cottage), like many city dwellers in Russia, Dolgorukova’s family would find reprieve in their dacha on a regular basis, especially in the warmer […]

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