Month: August 2016

Where The Wild Iris Grows

iris |ˈīris| noun 1 a flat, colored, ring-shaped membrane behind the cornea of the eye, with an adjustable circular opening (pupil) in the centre. • (also iris diaphragm) an adjustable diaphragm of thin overlapping plates for regulating the size of a central hole, esp. for the admission of light to a lens.  2 a plant […]

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Gold to Dusk

This was created at the same time of year a few years ago: a time lapse video of my favourite swimming spot on Manitoulin Island.

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Made with Love

My grandma baked bread; and was known for how beautifully she baked. She also made butter tarts, marmalade laced with vodka, and pies. And let’s not forget those exquisite little French tarts, with sweet cream custard; crowned with raspberries from the garden. If asked about her baking, my granddad, filled with loving pride, likes to […]

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